22 October 2007

New Land Hoy

I dount I would have believed you if you told me the last time I posted in this blog that I would be living in a foreign country in the autumn. I am impressed that we were able to get everything we needed to get done for the move, and I am so happy that we are finally here.

Adjusting to living with my husband's family has been tough. It's not that they are not welcoming and good people, it's that I am not used to it. Those who know me might describe me as slightly particular when it comes to my environment. I like things a certain way, and I am used to a great deal of solitude. I feel, in a way, that I am a teenager again. On top of that, there are cultural differences that I think are influencing things. I am used to being an assertive American, and like it or not, English people tend not to be assertive. Or when they are being assertive, it's not the direct and open assertiveness North Americans are used to.

But again, this is not being written to be critical of my husband's family, but to describe what I need to learn to deal with. I am not sure how long we will be living with his parents, but even if we were to move tomorrow, these differences are things I will have to learn to live with with the greater culture of England and the UK.

Other than that, when they say that England is damp and cold, they mean it. I have lived in some of the coldest, most inclimate places on Earth, and I have not been so consistantly cold as here. It's not the temperature, really, but this persistant damp. Even when you are hot you are damp. I've walked into highly heated stores, broke out in a sweat, had to return outside, and felt colder than when I walked in.

But really, I am having a good time. I am enjoying this time with my husband, learning about his country and his culture. It's funny that English people believe that their culture is dead, and that they've become diluted by immigration and changing values. If they could only see themselves from the outside looking in, I doubt they'd hold that view for long.